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Friday, September 19, 2014


1kg whole wheat flour (gehun ka atta)
1kg pure desi ghee
½ kg powdered sugar (boora)
250gm finely ground edible gum crystals (gondh)
25gm powdered dried ginger powder (saunth)
100gm puffed lotus seeds (makhane)
100gm dried melon seeds, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds (magaz)
50gm powdered carom seeds (ajwain)
200gm almonds (badaam)
200gm cashew nuts (kaaju)
400gm grated dried coconut (sookha nariyal)
100gm walnut (akhrot)
50gm unsalted pistachio nuts (pista)
50gm raisins (kishmish)
50gm flame-of-the-forest (kamarkas) - optional

Half the ghee is heated in a heavy bottomed kadhai. Fry all the dry fruits one by one till they turn golden brown - first almonds, then cashew nuts followed by walnuts, pistachio nuts and lastly the seeds. Keep them aside on a paper towel to drain the excess oil.

In the same ghee, fry the kamarkas, remove and keep it aside as well. Next roast the grated coconut and keep it aside.

Now, coarsely grind all the fried dry fruits, except the seeds. Mix the dry fruits, roasted coconut and seeds together in a large pan and keep aside. Grind the kamarkas into fine powder and keep aside in a separate bowl.

Heat the remaining ghee and add in the flour. Roast on medium heat till the colour of the flour changes to golden brown and the ghee separates. Turn down the flame and sprinkle in powdered gum crystals. Keep stirring the mixture until the crystals puff up and the spluttering stops.

Add the powdered saunth and ajwain to the roasted flour and stir the entire mixture a few times to blend in all ingredients. Turn off the flame. Keep on stirring the mixture for another 5 minutes.

Next add the dry fruits, magaz, sugar and kamarkas to the roasted flour and mix again. Transfer the mixture in a large utensil or tray, top it with raisins and let the panjiri cool. Transfer to an air-tight container and enjoy a small bowl everyday.

Tip: The recipe can also be made with sooji instead of whole wheat flour. For a quick halwa, cook two tablespoons of panjiri in cup of water or milk till it thickens.


Recipe which provides vital nutrients and aid lactation.

 Ingredients: 2 tbsp desi ghee 1 tsp grated almonds (badaam) 1 tsp grated pistachio nuts (pista) 1 tsp grated walnuts (akhrot) 1 tsp grated cashew nuts (kaju) ¼ tsp carom seeds (ajwain) ¼ tsp turmeric powder (haldi) ¼ cup powdered sugar (boora) or jaggery (gur) 1 tsp powdered edible gum crystals (gondh) ¼ cup powdered musk melon, watermelon and pumpkin seeds (magaz) ½ tsp powdered cardamom seeds (elaichi) 1 glass filtered water

 Method: Take a pan and heat the ghee and add the carom seeds. When the seeds start spluttering add all the dry fruits and seeds (magaz). Stir until the nuts and seeds turn light brown. Then, sprinkle the powdered gum crystals into the pan and keep stirring until the crystals puff up and the spluttering stops. Add turmeric powder to the mixture and stir well. Add in water and sugar (or grated jaggery), and bring the mixture to a boil. Let the mixture cook on a low flame for a few minutes until the ghee starts separating. At this point the mixture should look like a thick syrup. Remove from the flame and pour into a bowl and garnish it with cardamom powder. Serve warm. Note: The recipe may vary a bit from region to region. Some may add additional ingredients like black pepper (kali mirch), white pepper (dakhni gol mirch), nutmeg (jaiphal) or ginger powder (saunth).You can modify the recipe as per your choice.